commercial cleaning services in Chicago,IL

Office sanitization and comprehensive disinfection are highly suggested techniques to achieve 99% elimination of viruses and bacteria.  There are many benefits that this maintenance offers in the facilities. This technique has a great reach, it can even reach areas such as ventilation ducts and grilles, providing disinfection in every corner.

Here are five key advantages of this commercial cleaning services in Chicago,IL disinfection service.

Versatile technique

Disinfecting using hydrogen peroxide is a very versatile method.  Since its application offers good results in closed environments.  It is a service used in offices, companies, and places such as hairdressers, pharmacies and other related facilities. And, due to the quality of this technique, other related services are available.  Such is the case of disinfection in automobiles, which is applied to deeply remove agents that cause infectious diseases.

Immediate results

Unlike other disinfection techniques such as those that apply the use of chlorine or bleach, disinfecting with hydrogen peroxide offers immediate results.  It is a very practical method, whose average duration of application does not require too much time.

Low costs

Many companies have excellent equipment to completely disinfect all types of installation.  In addition, one should select a company who have a professional and committed staff.  All these factors allow us to offer very competitive prices in our disinfection services.

Unlike other techniques to disinfect offices, such as ozone cleaning, the company favours solutions tailored to your needs.  And, providing accessible budgets to facilitate the scope of the desired disinfection.

Safe alternative

Many people wonder if certain disinfection methods are safe.  Above all, there are doubts about whether ozone is toxic.  Regarding the use of hydrogen peroxide, you should know that these molecules degrade without causing damage.

 It is a safe technique, it does not put human health or integrity at risk.  In addition, it does not generate physical or chemical changes in the various surfaces.  It should be noted that the molecules of this biocidal resource after degrading are transformed into water and oxygen.

For comprehensive disinfection, they comply with a security protocol, in which they evict people from the facilities before their application.  Likewise, this maintenance does not emit toxic residues and is not corrosive.