mammogram near me in New Jersey

Mammography is a radiological examination of the breast tissue and is the most effective for early diagnosing of breast cancers. Direct digital mammography allows a reduction in the radiation dose.

The Purpose 

The mammography screening program aims to decrease specific breast cancer mortality in the immature population. Mammography screening is a public health intervention; it is not a form of prevention but early diagnosis: it means that for those who regularly undergo 2D or 3D mammography, the chances of having a tumor remain the same, but tumors can often be identified at an early stage.


One of the factors hindering the diagnosis of tumors on mammography is that the tumor nodule has too low a contrast to the surrounding fatty tissue or Calcification.

The family history assessment is important: in fact, 5% -7% of breast cancers are linked to hereditary factors, 2/3 of which are determined by the mutation of two genes, BRCA-1 located on chromosome 17 and BRCA-2 located on chromosome 13. When these genes work well, they protect against cancer because they help repair DNA damage, and when mutated, they favor the onset of cancer.

The use of hormone replacement therapy, especially if based on synthetic estrogen-progestins with androgenic activity, is a risk factor, as well as previous radiotherapies (thoracic and especially before the age of 30) and previous tumors of the breast tissue.

Family History Mutation 

In women carrying the BRCA-1 mutation, the probability of developing breast cancer is 20% by age 50 (10 times more than normal women) and 50% by age 70. Women carry the BRCA-2 mutation risk 15% by age 50 and 45% by age 70. These women have a 10% risk of developing ovarian cancer by age 50 and 40% by age 70 if the mutation involves BRCA-1. Risks are halved if the mutation involves BRCA-2.

All women in the age group, 45-69, are invited to take the exam in the screening services of health organizations. Mammography screening, in its organized modality, is an intervention included among essential levels of assistance, which should be confirmed as effective in reducing mortality and health inequalities, particularly overdiagnosis, overtreatment, and false positives mammograms. This information will pave the way for your easy finding of mammogram near me in New Jersey.