The Weber gas barbecue model Q 100 is accessible in a conservative size and involves 189 square creeps of your cooking region. This barbecue can be utilized to cook both vegan and non veggie lover dishes without any problem. Furthermore has a top notch controller to control the hotness. This barbecue has its own bundling that is utilized for transportation it. A formula book is accessible free of charge with the propane gas barbecue.

Q 100 Features

The Q 100 shows up with a cover and is made of cast aluminum. The whole gas barbecue is encased inside a casing made of glass-supported nylon. Different frill are accessible with this minimal and simple to utilize. A portion of these frill incorporate a treated steel burner with a burner valve, a press button start, and cooking grates made of solid metal with a porcelain polish. The info nuclear power is 8,500 BTU each hour. Likewise have’s a Flavorizer framework inbuilt in the mesh and a separable catch skillet.

weber bbq

Q 100 Specifications

  • Delivering weight 29 pounds
  • Aspects L x W x H 28.3 x 15.9 x 15.2 inches
  • Nation of Origin USA
  • Guarantee 5 years

Q 100 Performance/Pros

These simple to utilize Weber gas barbecues can be utilized on a standard 14.1 or 16.4 ounce propane chamber. The propane chambers are not accessible alongside the barbecue and should be purchased independently. This can be utilized for both indoor and outside cooking. In the event that you want to have a grill gathering, this is certainly the best decision to make your barbecuing task more straightforward. The handle is sufficiently huge to keep your hand from incidentally contacting the barbecue and getting scorched. Additionally, weber Gas Barbecue top and handle are climate safe, in this way guaranteeing solidness for any sort of climate. Another significant angle in regards to execution is that the weighty mesh made of solid metal keeps the food from staying and consuming when contrasted with the standard less expensive gas barbecues accessible on the lookout.

This reduced Q100 has dribble conduits through which any drippings stream when the food is being cooked. This makes the most common way of cleaning the barbecue after the cooking is done a simple assignment to achieve. You can clean the Q 100 when it is hot utilizing a barbecue brush. Only one moment of scratching makes the cleaning system simple.